Unable To Login 192.168.o.1?

It is most common complaint that people cannot login to the router using default IP which is 192.168.o.1. Although they have tried to login many times but they are getting same error. Is the router not working properly? Or error message is getting for sometime else. If you check close the IP address then You must find the error that you types. Remember IP address is made of numbers and dots .In a IP address no alphabet is used. It is forbidden to use alphabet and other symbol. You have typed 192.168.o.1 where you have used alphabet o instead Zero (o). The IP address should have been not 192.168.o.1. IP address is string number where alphabet is not allowed.If you type the wrong IP address to enter your router Netgear or D-Link then you may get massage “Server Not Found”. Such massage is very common if wrong IP address is typed.

Type again the right IP address on the browser address bar. I hope, you can see now login screen. From the browser history, remove the wrong IP address you have typed before. Otherwise by mistake it may appear again and you will face same trouble. When you see the login screen and type your login detail to get access in the internet. Now you can upgrade your device firmware to secure your router and the connection. If you change default IP address then that IP address also made with numbers and dot.

VIDEO: Unable To Login 192.168.o.1?

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